Power Factor Control

Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels (Capacitor Panels)

Applications: Improvement of power quality and efficiency of Electrical networks to Eliminate wastage in Electricity Consumption.

Switch Board Features:

  • Panel assemblies in conformance with requirements of IEC 61439-1&2 for LV Switchgear Assemblies.
  • Switchboards are Free Standing, Floor Mounted, Rear Access in Form 2 Seggregation and with options of capacitor bank integral to LV Panels.
  • Compact, cylindirical dry type capacitors with integral pressure release caps for added safety.
  • Automatic capacitor switching in different steps based on load with microprocessor based power factor regulators.
  • Capacitor Banks with de-tuning filters as option to protect the banks from harmonics.
  • Special capacitor switching contactors with damping resistors.
  • Integral main Isolator for power control.
  • Commissioning assiatance can be provided as an option.