Control Centre

Motor Control Centre – Fixed and Drawout Type

Applications: Controlled starting & Speed Control of Motors through various methods.
Panel assemblies in conformance with requirements of IEC 61439-1 & 2 for LV Switchgear Assemblies ASTA certified.

Switch Board Features:

  • Fixed / Drawout type Switchboards Wall mounting/ Floor Mounting, with Form of Separation ranging Form-2 to Form 4 Type 7.
  • Customized design for various cable entry provisions.
  • Modular Enclosures extendable on both sides providing versatility for future extensions in case of F-4 Panels.
  • Enclosure Ingress protections from IP41 upto IP56.
  • Compact designs and shapes (L/C/U) to suit restrictive site conditions.
  • Current ratings upto 3200A with short circuit ratings upto 65kA r.m.s. for 3 sec.
  • HDHC Tinned Copper bus bars with 99.9 % conductivity..
  • Adequate cable space for ease of field cable termination and cable entry options available from TOP or BOTTOM.

Drawout Modules:

Our Draw-out Type Enclosure and control gear system is a comprehensive modular system allowing the user to create wide range of switchboards & Motor Control Center with :

  • Modular Design
  • Easy Installation
  • Interchangeability of units.
  • High Operation Safety
  • High protection against contact
Drawout Panel Oxy

Switchgear Device Features:

  • Varied Motor starting Options namely Direct-On-Line, Star-Delta, Soft Starters, Auto Transformer Starters etc.
  • Speed Control of Motors via Variable Frequency Drives.
  • Intelligent Relay systems for special applications.
  • Application based automation via PLC’s / BMS to suit customer / project requirements
  • Capable to incorporate fixed, plug-in and drawout types of Switchgear & Controlgear devices in a wide range of ratings.
  • Commissioning asistance can be provided as an option.
  • Intelligent MCUs for better monitoring and control of critical feeders